Looking for a photographer for your engagement, wedding, elopement, or vow renewal?

The majority of the couples I marry or renew their vows are having micro weddings (10 or less guests) and are not looking for fancy photography services, just someone to capture memories of their special day. Below are photographers on Oahu who answered a post I put up on a Oahu Photographers Facebook page looking for low cost budget photographers. Because Hawaii is a popular destination for weddings and photographers can book up quickly during peek wedding season I listed all who responded to my inquiry for budget wedding photographers to give couples as many options as possible.

I am not personally familiar with any of the photographer’s listed below or their services. Please contact the photographers directly at the websites they have provided to inquire about price, availability and to see examples of their work.
I DO NOT make commissions of any sort from referring people to these photographers. I am providing the referrals because I get requests frequently for them and want to make getting married on Oahu as easy and affordable as possible for couples.
If you have a negative experience with any of these photographers please let me know so I can remove them. Please let them know you heard about their services from Wedding Officiant Kim Crinella so they know that I am spreading the word about their services.



If you are not looking for anything fancy from your photography services like color correction, blemish removal, and touch ups then you can save a lot of money on photography services.

If you are looking for a no frills photo session for your wedding or vow renewal tell the photographer you want:

- the most basic photography service with no touch ups, cropping or color corrections

- the photos be shot as JPG images and that you get all the images shot during your session

Explain exactly what you want when requesting a quote to get the best price for the photography services for your special day.


BE AWARE: Some photographers hold the rights to the photos and you only get to pick a few then have to pay extra for additional images. Be sure to confirm exactly how many images you will receive and if you will be able to make prints on your own or only order through them.

KM Ivelisse Photography


Meg Becker Photography


Emily Southern Photography


Maffioli Image


Heather Marquez Photographer


Moriel Fairman Photographer


NieNie Photography


Francis Philip Quibilan


Julia Klink Photography


Sharon Holck Photography


Matt Soreson Photography


Joseph Acosta Photographer


Dominick Nicholas Photography


Storm Elaine Photography


Christian Bumanglag Media


Aloha Sunshine Photography


Lindsay Warland Photography


Mailani Souza Photography


Weddings By Chloe


Austin Bennett Photography



Photographer and videographer Keoni Maemori offers photography and video services using 360 Camera Rig to uniquely capture your special day. This is NOT a low budget service but is very unique utilizing the latest technology and not offered by many photographers. Keoni says if you mention you heard about his services from Wedding Officiant Kim Crinella he will give you a good price. An example of what he can create for weddings is available at and his website is

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